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Alvarado Ríos, J. D. ., Pineda Gonzalez , M. G., Alvarez Nava, M., Rodríguez Piña, M. D. ., Díaz Gordillo, B. E. ., & Mendieta Zeron, H. . (2023). Systematic review: Acute abdomen in paediatrics. Nova, 21(41).
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Systematic review: Acute abdomen in paediatrics

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José Daniel Alvarado Ríos
Mariana Guadalupe Pineda Gonzalez
Mario Alvarez Nava
Miriam Deyanira Rodríguez Piña
Brian Emmanuel Díaz Gordillo
Hugo Mendieta Zeron

Introduction. Abdominal pain is a frequent reason for consultation in the emergency department, being the result of various pathologies, mostly of benign origin. However, the lack of timely identification and treatment can lead to significant complications. Objective. The purpose of this review is to deepen in the etiology of acute abdomen in pediatric patients. Accurate identification of the underlying cause not only enhances early diagnosis, but also plays a crucial role in mitigating potential complications. A thorough understanding of the origin of this condition lays the foundation for the implementation of more accurate treat- ments, with a positive impact on medical care. Methodology. An exhaustive literature search was conducted in renowned databases such as Pubmed, Google Scholar, ScienceDirect and Springerlink, as well as in medical literature, during the period from June to December 2021. This systematic review addresses the essentials of the topic of Pediatric Acute Abdomen, a frequent clinical entity in both emergency settings and pediatric primary care. Of note is the lack of familiarity with this phenomenon, as well as the need for studies addressing the predominant causes according to different pediatric age groups. In addition, there is a noto- rious lack of specific data on this phenomenon in the context of pediatric health in Mexico. Conclusions. This analysis aims to fill this gap, providing a more complete and detailed view on acute abdomen in pediatric patients, underlining the urgency of further research to enrich our understanding of this pathology in the Mexican setting.