LIDAR readings based mobile robot wall-following task using a reactive fuzzy control system - A low-cost experimental approach


  • Henry Borrero Guerrero
  • Yand David QuevedoTurriago
  • Jorge Estivent Cruz Mahecha Universidad Antonio NariñoColombia
  • Luis Arbey Corredor Chaves Universidad Antonio NariñoColombia
  • Yehiver Alexis Castro Rey Universidad Antonio NariñoColombia
  • Andrés Saavedra Ruiz University of Puerto Rico atMayaguez campus



This paper has been written to show a successful experimental approach that was undertaken to complete a review of a fuzzy control system and perception strategies based on a LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)and IMU (Inertial measurement unit) sensors all to undertake the wall following task for a mobile robot. For this purpose, a low-cost differential drive prototype was configured and on it, using a LIDAR and IMU sensors, a perception system was realized, aiming a study about its performance from realized experiments that will be described. Regarding the navigation task, fundamentally a reactive autonomous wall following mission was projected such that, a Mandamy Type-I closed-loop fuzzy control system was configured. The required programming part of our project was embedded on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ computer board, which supported on the Raspbian operational system based on Linux. All programmed required codes were developed using the Python programming language. Developed work was undertaken keeping in mind the consequently extensions that reported references are demonstrating as a real possibility since it is considered that wall following is the beginning stage in the area of mobile robotics navigation, which has to be dominated to take on improvements, which in the particular interest of authors consists on the reactive autonomous navigation of mobile robots among crops.


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Borrero Guerrero, H. ., QuevedoTurriago, Y. D. ., Cruz Mahecha, J. E. ., Corredor Chaves, L. A. ., Castro Rey, Y. A. ., & Saavedra Ruiz , A. . (2020). LIDAR readings based mobile robot wall-following task using a reactive fuzzy control system - A low-cost experimental approach. Memorias.



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